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The median reaction time is ~225 ms, you can be up to 80 ms faster with IMPULSE

It's like playing with 0 ping

Test your reaction time here: https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime

When your brain sends a signal telling your finger to click, it can take time for your finger to move enough to click the mouse. Impulse detects these brain signals so you can click faster!

How IMPULSE glove Works

IMPULSE glove reads your movement intention from your nervous system through muscles in your hand. IMPULSE sends these intention signals to your PC before you move, reducing your reaction delay by up to 80 ms!


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The Technology Behind Brink Bionics

Our Motivation

As gamers and researchers, we wanted to find a way for us to enhance human reaction time for gaming by interfacing with the nervous system.

Industry-Leading Expertise

At Brink Bionics, we are applying our expertise in bionics arms, artificial intelligence, and brain-computer interfaces to bring you the Impulse glove bionic gaming enhancement.


How to Use IMPULSE

What does IMPULSE do?


IMPULSE improves your reaction time for mouse click actions by reading the signals in your nervous system from small muscles in your hand. This allows IMPULSE to know you are going to click before you move!

Does this assist with aiming?


IMPULSE is NOT an aim assist.

Does it work with my existing mouse?


Yes, IMPULSE is designed to work with any PC mouse from any manufacturer.

Do I need to learn how to use it?


IMPULSE requires some learning to adjust to, and our training software will guide you through the learning process.

Are the improvements the same for everyone?


The improvements may vary person-to-person, but our tests show IMPULSE can provide up to a 30% improvement in reaction time.

Will this get in the way of using my mouse?


IMPULSE is designed to be breathable and comfortable for those long gaming sessions.

Early test users have said that IMPULSE begins to feel like a second skin.

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