Impulse Features

Works with your setup

Impulse works with your gaming mouse to improve your reaction time, so you can add Impulse to your setup without replacing any of your gaming hardware

Shoot and Move Faster

Impulse improves your reaction time by up to 80-milliseconds! The average reaction time is ~250 ms, which means impulse can help become up to 32% faster!

Muscle Signal Interface

Impulse reads your intentions to perform mouse clicks from your neuro-muscular signals in your hand. Impulse uses this to send a click signal to your computer before you move!

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What would you like to know?

Learn all about Impulse from our FAQs. Couldn't find an answer here? Please reach out to us directly and our team would be happy to answer any questions you have.

What does Impulse do?

IMPULSE speeds up your mouse click actions by reading the signals in your nervous system from the small muscles in your hand. Impulse reads your intention, and sends a "click signal" to your computer before you actually click your mouse!

Does Impulse work with my current mouse/keyboard?

Yes, IMPULSE is designed to work with your mouse, it does not replace your mouse. It plugs into your computer via a USB port, just like your other gaming hardware.

What commands does Impulse work for?

IMPULSE improves reaction time for left click and right click. These functions can be assigned to Impulse using the desktop training software, which runs in the background while Impulse is in use.

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What Gamers Say about us

Like nothing I've ever used

After a few days of using Impulse, I really felt the improvement in my reaction time. It was like going from a 30 fps monitor, to a 60 fps monitor.


Twitch streamer, streamerhouse

impulse is the future

This is amazing! Neurotechnology like Impulse is the future of gaming. This is so exciting to see


Gaming Media, Hiphopgamer

Unprecedented performance

After using Impulse, I can't go back to just using my gaming mouse. The reaction time improvement is huge


Former Halo MLG player

Fascinating New technology

This is the future. From the moment you put it on your hand, you feel like you're doing something extraordinary. It's rare that I just play around with a piece of tech just for fun to see all the things it can do, even things it wasn't designed for, cause it's so neat. I can't wait to see where this all leads

Jesse Cox

Youtube, Gamer