Whether you are looking for your next prosthetic devices, or for your first one:

The Axo Arm system is a prosthetic technology that will give you confidence, empowerment, and independence like no other prosthetic arm available.

Key Features for Patients

Natural and Intuitive Control - Without the High Price Tag

We are developing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that will allow people with limb differences to control the Axo Hand the same way they would control their natural limbs.

Light Weight

The Axo Arm is lighter than any other prosthetic arm on the market, meaning you can wear it comfortably for longer.

Reliable Grip

The Axo Arm will ensure that you always have a good grasp of an object. Each finger will intelligently determine if they are applying equal amount of force before stopping.

Modular Design

Our team believes that a user should never have to go without their prosthetic arm. The Axo Arm is designed to make repairs so easy, that digits in the hand can be replaced with one hand, without the need for tools or technical knowledge. It’s easier than swapping the batteries out in your television remote. This means you will never have to ship the Axo Arm back to us for mechanical repairs, keeping you active with your prosthetic arm.

Machine Learning

The intelligent software in our Arm learns from your muscle signals to understand. This way you can control the Axo Arm intuitively, just like how you would have controlled your natural hand.

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