Our aim is to improve the user and clinician experience with upper-limb prosthetics - without interfering or adding complexity to the fitting process clinicians use for prosthetic arms.

We want to provide a technology that clinicians love to work with.

Key Features for Clinicians

We Partner With Medical Professionals to Rebuild People With Limb Differences

We are developing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that will allow people with limb differences to control the Axo Arm the same way they would control their natural limbs.

Smart Installation

The machine learning algorithms will take over the complicated parts of determining the ideal myo sites for a user. So, whether you are an experienced with fitting myoelectric prosthetics, or new to fitting myoelectric devices, the Axo Arm makes the fitting process intuitive and straight forward, so that you can focus on providing the best care for your patients.

Machine Learning

Our hand uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms, which allow your patients to learn how to control their hands faster, and more intuitively. Gone are the days of awkward muscle twitches to control functions in a prosthetic hand.

Power Systems

The Axo Arm is compatible with any existing 7.4 Volt prosthetic battery system. This way the clinician can fit whatever battery system they prefer given the needs of the user and the available space within the prosthesis.

Intuitive by Design

We worked closely with prosthetists to learn about the process clinicians use to fit electrodes into a prosthetic socket. The electrodes shapes and function are designed to be familiar to clinicians, and therefore easy for clinicians to integrate into a custom prosthetic socket.

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