Our Mission

Brink Bionics is dedicated to offering robotic upper-limb replacement technology which provides functionalities that even the most advanced technologies in the market do not provide, while offering these robotic prosthetic devices at a lower cost.

Without companies like Brink Bionics working to improve accessibility to advanced robotics for prosthetic users, the technological advancements in prosthetics and cybernetics that will be made in the near future will only be accessible to a wealthy few. Not only are we breaking the boundaries between the human and the machine, but we are bridging the gaps between those who have access to advanced prosthetics, and those who previously have not. 

The Brink Bionics Team

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Erik Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Erik Lloyd is currently a Masters student in the Systems Design Engineering department at the University of Waterloo under the supervision of Dr. Ning Jiang. Erik has developed the various innovations that set the Axo Hand apart from any existing available technologies, from the modular design to the low-cost manufacturing focus. He is currently developing machine learning algorithms that will allow for the simultaneous manipulation of individual fingers in the prosthetic hands, as the subject of his thesis research.


Dr. Ning Jiang, Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Ning Jiang is a world-leading expert in myoelectric control, EMG signal processing algorithms. He has research and development experiences spanning academia, clinical and industry sectors in four countries. Dr. Jiang worked at the R&D center of Ottobock, the global leader in the prosthetics market for more than two years (2010-2012). He also worked at one of the leading medical centers in Germany, University Medical Center Goettingen. Recently, his research on advanced EMG signal processing algorithm and prosthetic control has been published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. He has provided crucial guidance in the development of Axo Hand innovations and isolating the problems to focus on for our prosthetic technology.


Dr. Jiayuan He, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Jiayuan He received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 2016, focusing on robust myoelectric control of powered prosthetics. During his time in SJTU, he worked together with Danyang Prosthetics Ltd. on a major National program (973 Program), focusing on upper-limb prosthesis. Dr. He is involved in developing the machine learning control algorithms for the Axo hand, given his strong research background in the subject.