Our Vision

Technology should be as easy to use as the natural body, and we are bringing this philosophy, and more than 30 years of experience in every sector of the prosthetics industry, to develop intuitive ways of interfacing the human body with the machines that surround us.

We are striving to develop technology that will break the boundary between human and machine, allowing human beings to redefine the edge of their limits.

The Axo Arm is our first step on this exciting path.

Our Team

The founding team of Brink Bionics has combined more than 30 years in ever sector of the prosthetics industry across 4 countries. We have taken our expertise from industry, as well as our expertise from the cutting edge of prosthetics research to solve many of the major problems with upper limb prosthetics, and offer a fully integrated, easy to adopt prosthetic solution.

Erik Lloyd, CEO

Erik is a Masters student under the supervision of Dr. Ning Jiang, and over the past year has developed the patent pending innovations that set the Axo Hand technology apart from its competitors.

He is currently working on deep learning algorithm applications for prosthetic control. This research will push Brink Bionics to the leading-edge of prosthetic technology, and allow Brink to offer bionic and augmentative technologies that far surpass anything previously developed.

Dr. Ning Jiang,
Chief Strategy Officer

Ning is a world leading expert in prosthetic limb technology research and is the Director of the Engineering Bionics Lab at the University of Waterloo. He brings a diverse range of expertise from research, clinical and commercial segments of the prosthetics industry.

Dr. Jiang authored 65 journal papers and 65 conference papers. His commercial expertise comes from working in research and development for Ottobock, one of the largest prosthetics company world-wide.

Dr. Jiayuan He,
Chief Science Officer

Jiayuan is a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Engineering Bionics Lab. He has worked on prosthetic research projects with Dan Yang Prosthetics Ltd, the largest prosthetics company in China, and has an extensive background in machine learning applications in prosthetic control.

His expertise has allowed Brink Bionics to quickly develop advanced machine learning algorithms and accelerate past our competitors in this space in a span of a few months.

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